Friday, January 13, 2006

Working for Food

Fans of the Ottawa Senators at Scotiabank Place may have reason to maybe invest in a larger pair of jeans. The Pizza Pizza chain offers up free pizza to all fans in attendance when the Sens win and score more than six goals at a home game.

In four of the last six home games the Sens have sent the faithful to the take out window for a slice, giving the folks at Pizza Pizza a nice bump in their own attendance, all be it with a bit of a hit on the bottom line.

Originally things were even easier for the high flying Sens, the original deal called for the free pizza to be dished out when the Sens put five or more goals in the net on a winning night. With the Sens closing in on double digits in the early part of the season, the Sens and Pizza Pizza renegotiated so as to give the pizza chain a fighting chance to keep some of its dough.

It's going to be close though for the bulk of the season, the Sens lead the league in goals and have averaged 4.65 goals per game while in the friendly confines of the home rink.

Mind you the folks at Pizza Pizza aren't overly concerned about the sudden rush on pizza courtesy of the Sens. They are quite happy with the goal total to sit at six, knowing full well that with every slice sold, no doubt a soft drink and maybe even a whole pizza leaves the store with another satisfied customer.

As long as the Sens keep on scoring, Pizza Pizza will keep on delivering.

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