Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Unhappy Campers of Calgary

The rumbling from Mount Sutter has erupted into a full fledged explosion and part time goaltender Phil Sauve has felt the wrath. Sutter who from time to time lights a fire under his players by calling them out in public, seems to have gone over the top in his comments over the back up goaltender for the Flames.

Taking the approach that putting Sauve into the net pretty well guarantees a loss, Sutter has probably put himself into a situation where he will have to unload the back up and for not much in return.

Eric Francis of the Calgary Sun examines the situation further on the Canoe website, suggesting that Sutter’s approach may not provide the desired effect in this instance. Rather than dealing from a strong position, Sutter may have weakened his bargaining position with opposing teams. There haven’t been many missteps by Sutter since he took over the reigns in Calgary, but every once and a while he blasts off on one of these tirades that cause folks to wonder what’s going on.

The current situation is one that will leave Sauve and his team mates twisting in the wind for a bit of time yet! Not where you want them to be heading into the playoff stretch.

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