Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Down to the final eight at the World Championships

They've rattled through the preliminaries at the World Hockey Championships. Bade their farewells to the teams that didn't quite measure up this year and now the seeds are set for the quarterfinal matches which get underway on Wednesday.

May 17th sees the Canadian team taking on Slovakia, while the American team will face Sweden.

The May 18th games will showcase a showdown between the Russians and the Czech Reupblic, while the surprising Belarus squad will challenge the Finns for the chance to advance in this years tournament.

Canada will take to the ice with Marc Denis tending to the goal, he comes into the game with a pretty good resume in International hockey, Denis has never lost a game while playing for the Maple Leaf and has collected gold medals in his days in the World Junior championships of 1996 and 97. He will face an underperforming Slovakian squad, which has had troubles getting untracked at this tournament.

Canada is no doubt hoping that their troubles continue for just one more game and that Denis continues on his winning ways while dressed in the Canadian colours.

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