Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Oilers head for the humidity

Looking to leave the fish bowl that Edmonton has become and also to adjust to the rather sticky and warm weather of the east, the Edmonton Oilers are making plans to head out on the road while they await their final opponent in this years Stanley Cup Derby.

Edmonton will relocate their camp to just north of New York City at a practice facility used by the New York Rangers (nice to have those old Oiler connections eh Mr. Lowe, who no doubt put in a call to an old friend named Glen).

The idea is to get the team together and away from the general craziness of Edmonton these days, so they can get back to concentrating on hockey and the battle ahead for the Stanley Cup.

The Oilers also want their players to get used to the heat, humidity and general slushiness of the ice as played in the East with temperatures now hitting over 32 Celsius most days this week.

It's a smart move by the Oilers to get the team out of the city for a bit of time, Edmonton has gone completely Cup Crazy, the demand on the Oiler players for personal appearances, ticket set ups and such was getting quite hard to control, so the best plan is to just get out of the place until games 3 and 4.

By then, they no doubt hope that they are carrying an insurmountable lead in the Stanley Cup finals and then can finish things off, leaving the humidity, heat and hockey behind until September!

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