Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sens post mortem continues

They don't let go of their dreams easily in the nation's capital, with the Sabres at home in Buffalo resting up for their Eastern final with Carolina, the fans in Ottawa are busy reading the entrails of the Senators early exit.

The media in particular have been busy exploring the Muckler you mucked up angle of all things Senatorial. The following links all point the finger of responsibility and accountability squarely at the General Manager of Canada's best little team that can't win to deeply into the playoffs.

Reign of error costly for Sens
GM really mucks things up for Sens
Battler Muck goes on defence
Sens to fans keep the faith
Time for Sens to run a Muck
The mourning after
Going Going Gone
Sens were (are) doomed to fail
Alfie's the right man
Faster, Higher, stronger? Bah, Muckler says
No major changes for Sens: Muckler

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