Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Hurricane Homecoming

They have a new song to play in the Hurricane dressing rooms these days.... and while he didn't start his career there (he was the shepherd for the flock as they migrated from Hartford), for Paul Maurice, Carolina is where he found his most success...

Maurice has come back to Carolina, leaving behind the troubled days of guiding the Maple Leafs and the rather dysfunctional organization for which he toiled in the last few years.

He has returned to where he found some of his best days and an introduction to a fellow named Stanley, who he had a brief glimpse of in 2002 when he led the Canes to the final that year. No doubt he's hoping for a return visit soon and a chance to hoist the trophy high, something that certainly didn't seem within reach while in Toronto

He replaces the man who replaced him Peter Laviolette, the Canes making the announcement of their decision on Wednesday, that after Carolina suffered a horrible month of November where they won but seven of their sixteen games, but still are within striking distance of division leading Washington.

It's been almost five years since Maurice was fired from his job as the head coach of the Hurricanes, now half a decade later he's back where he has a comfort zone, a long standing relationship with General Manager Jim Rutherford. It's that relationship that provided for the interim post he was offered today, a chance to get back into coaching after his dismissal from the Leafs last spring.

If he turns the Canes around, claims a playoff spot and perhaps grabs a few rounds in those playoffs, then Rutherford's promised re-evaluation of the coaching position will probably be a short lived adventure.

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