Friday, December 12, 2008

You can take the coach out of the press box, but you can't take the press box out of the ex coach

Barry Melrose is heading back to television it seems destined to return to his former haunts of ESPN , fresh from his frustrating days of trying to guide the Tampa Bay Lightning to a win or two, Melrose apparently still has a few things to say about his former employer, and it's not to wish them well as they try to right their ship.

Melrose made news this week with some blistering commentary on the state of hockey in Tampa, more or less confirming the stories of ownership interference in the way he wanted to trun the hockey club, his comments broadcast over Toront's Fan 590 have most observers suggesting that Melrose clearly doesn't expect to coach again, judging by his harsh words of the owners, a no no that most coaches subscribe to, well those that wish to find a place behind a bench before the next century rolls around.

Tony Gallagher of the Vancouver Province took a look at the heavy artillery fire that Melrose directed at his former paymasters and from his analysis we can divine that the Tampa franchise we suspect won't be a candidate for business of the year by the end of the season.

Though they apparently do know how to recover costs, Thursday night the first of the reports were leaking out that the Lightning had taken an interest in Melrose's affection for the spoken word and were consulting with their lawyers as to whether he had voided their arrangement upon his termination, a situation that could see him lose out on his severance package.

The Melrose maelstrom was documented on a number of sites on Thursday.

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