Thursday, December 04, 2008

Too little, too late, too bad!

Sean Avery was full of contrition on Wednesday, offering up apologies for his boorish commentary over past girlfriends and current NHL players who date them.

However, while he was busy trying to spin the developments of Tuesday to reflect his new found belief in confession, the NHL was making its plans for its disciplinary hearing scheduled for Thursday morning.

And when Avery arrives in Gary Bettman's New York offices for his character review, he probably had best not expect any character references from his current (for now) employer.

In a case of distance making the heart grow fonder, the Dallas Stars as a group seem to be quite content with the prospect of Mr. Avery not having to come collect his gear from the Stars locker room any time soon. And he'll have to go through a huge volume of telephone books in the remaining NHL cities before he finds anyone in hockey that is inclined to be tainted by his toxic personality in the near future.

Clearly feeling a little embarrassed by his outlandish comments to the assembled media on Tuesday, there were few if any Stars offering up a statement of solidarity with Avery. In fact, judging by the comments of Dave Tippet, the Stars head coach, the team has already turned that page and more than likely Avery will soon be featured in one of those "whatever happened to" sections of the Stars game night program.

What remains to be seen is if the Stars will be on the hook for his four year contract, a financial deal put together by Brett Hull, who is probably feeling like the loneliest guy in Dallas these days, being the one who lobbied so hard for Avery's inclusion on the team, a development which seems to have caused far more harm than good.

Avery's gone, most likely to be forgotten sooner rather than later, one wonders if Mr. Hull's position isn't likewise on shaky ground after a rather poor and perhaps costly personnel decision from the off season.

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