Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Put out a welcome mats..

It could happen as early as Tuesday, but should be no later than Friday, the long drawn out saga of where will Mats play may finally be near and end.

The Globe and Mail reports that Sundin is down to two choices for which he will toil for the remainder of the season, the Vancouver Canucks with their millions of dollars or the lure of New York City, all other contenders apparently can pack up their bags.

Sundin, who has been working off the rust in California for the last month or so, will chat with his agent one more time to see which team has provided the right comfort points for his return and then it's expected that he will sign on the dotted line.

While Vancouver has been the most prominent of the teams in the Sundin search, those twenty million dollars over two years weren't enough in the early going to force a quick decisions, however, that kind of money rarely comes around for a player on the final laps of a career, so Sundin surely won't dismiss it out of hand as he thinks over his options.

The Rangers recently were added to the mix, and while they have a cap problem at the moment, it's nothing that can't be taken care of with a trade or demotion or two.

The working number now it seems is six million dollars, that is the amount that would be left on the Canucks deal for this year, with the season into its third month. The Rangers will have to try and work their way close to that amount, though there are suggestions that Sundin may accept less to work on Broadway.

He's reportedly proven to be too elusive for the likes of Montreal, Ottawa, Philadephia and Chicago, all of which don't have the necessary cap space to make the numbers work.

That leaves him with two to choose from, sometime this week, that number will be reduced by one...

National Post-- Sundin down to two

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