Friday, June 05, 2009

Father Knows best?

The peculiar ways of the Colorado Avalanche continue to raise a few eyebrows as the NHL's worst team made some major personnel changes over the last few days.
One day after Pierre Lacroix had brought to an end the torture of Tony Granato, the Avs made a number of changes that they hope will move the team back to the levels of respectability, though judging by the way this whole scenario has been handled, one wonders if that goal is even possible anymore.

Grantao who had been treated rather shabbily during the whole Patrick Roy soap opera, probably knew his days were numbered anyways, yet as always when the call comes it is never something you expect.

Newly placed General Manager Greg Sherman didn't waste anytime if replacing Granato, bringing in the Avs Minor Hockey league coach, Joe Sacco, most recently the head man of the Lake Erie Lock Monsters.

Sacco will be tossed into the mix of a team that looked very confused and lethargic for most of the 2008-09 season, it will be his task to try and rekindle the Avalanche attack that at one time was one of the most feared in the NHL, though truth be told he won't have quite the same amount of tools on hand as were provided for Marc Crawford and Joel Quennville over the years.

Sacco may also want to keep an eye on developments around the front office, after a rather dysfunctional week of carnage, which saw most of the front office leadership sent on its way.

Besides the additions of Sherman and Sacco to the Avs, Lacroix has provided employment for a few familiar names including Craig Billington who now becomes assistant GM and Lacroix's son, Eric who takes on the director of player personnel duties. All of whom with Lacroix senior, will have a collaborative approach to running the team.

Leading of course to the ever popular question of "Who's the Boss." All of this plays out while Patrick Roy sits on the sidelines back in Quebec City, apparently content with his lot in life of Junior hockey tycoon, GM and coach.
For Mr. Sacco, perhaps one bit of advice, keep the resume updated and always have your highlight tape handy, uncertainty at the top never breeds much confidence or security for that matter.

And at this moment, the once flagship franchise of the NHL doesn't seem to be providing much of either for anyone, from management, to players to fans.

Photo from Denver Post website

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