Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Headlines of June 2009

Tracking the daily headlines for the month of June.

June 30-- Bouwmeester signs with Flames
June 29-- Gainey has painted himself into a corner
June 28-- NHL GMs get down to business
June 27-- Flames real work begins after landing Bouwmeester
June 26-- Isles make Tavares their man
June 25-- Work begins for Canadian Olympic team
June 24-- Will it be Hedman or Tavares?
June 23-- Hall of Fame welcomes five
June 22-- Arizona judge sets date for Coyotes auction
June 21-- Flames’ unveiling of Sutter as head coach nears
June 20-- Molson brothers buy Montreal Canadiens for $500M
June 19-- Outdoor game between Flames, Leafs in works
June 18-- Sedins asking for $63 million each in 12-year deal
June 17-- Burke lashes out at Senators' Heatley
June 16-- Balsillie team to forge ahead with Coyotes bid
June 15-- With NHL, it’s always bad news for Hamilton
June 14-- Crosby dismisses handshake flap
June 13-- Red Wings irked by Crosby's snub
June 12-- Penguins win Stanley Cup
June 11-- Crawford new coach in Dallas
June 10-- Molson family makes offer to re-acquire Montreal Canadiens
June 9-- Penguins force game seven
June 8-- Balsillie v. Bettman is always personal
June 7-- NHL spills its secrets in court
June 6-- Penguins embarrassed in Game 5
June 5-- A difficult Legacy to establish
June 4-- Penguins get even
June 3-- Avalanche gut hockey department
June 2-- Penguins find new life
June 1-- Habs choose orderly system over style

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