Friday, June 26, 2009

Trade winds gusting on the Saint Lawrence

The NHL's scouts, GM's, Presidents and such all gather this weekend in Montreal to introduce the class of 2009 to their new employers, that as the NHL Draft gets set to get underway later this afternoon.

But while the youngsters ponder their future, some more established NHLers may soon be filling out change of address cards at their local post office as well.

The trade winds are picking up force in Montreal today, the normal course of draft day deliberations as NHL GM's work out their cap space and put together potential trade packages that could land them a coveted first round pick or just as importantly move some key pieces into place for the coming season.

Besides the disgruntled Dany Heatley who has put Ottawa in a rather poor bargaining position with his very public demands for a trade, some other key names are being dangled as potential deal makers this weekend.

With San Jose's continuing problems in making much progress in the Stanley Cup playoffs, it's anticipated that a few of the 2008-09 Sharks will no longer be in teal when the GM's begin to deal.

The always popular bait of Chris Pronger is apparently being cast out on the trade waters and Vincent Lecavalier complete with his rewarding contract may be offered up by the troubled Lightning, many in attendance at the Bell Centre show today will no doubt be hoping that the Molson Brothers with their new/old investment back in the family will make the splash of the proceedings with a bid for the services of Vinny, a move to bringn Lecavalier to Montreal would certainly seal the approval deal for Montreals tranfer of power (and financial resources).

It will be quite interesting to see how the process evolves over the next 24 hours, it could be that the biggest names of the draft won't be the much anticipated youngsters eager to start their careers, but instead some of the more established stars of the game looking to start anew.

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