Monday, November 02, 2009

That’s some Big D going on there, D for Dysfunction!

The leadership has changed names on the office door four times in the last few years, in the last two months; the only sure thing has been a revolving door of departing employees, some by choice, and some by other less amicable means.

The image of the organization is in tatters while the membership continues to try and figure out what they’re doing and why they’re doing it, no one seems in charge and no one it seems wants to step up and take on the challenge.

In the back story to an ongoing drama, there has been talk of intruding on internal communications, snooping out emails and enough backstabbing to keep Desperate Housewives alive in script material for another ten years.

If this situation doesn’t call out loud for a union then what does? Oh wait! What’s that… it is a union, oh….. well then as Emily Letila would have said..

The Dysfunctional NHLPA has hit rock bottom and apparently begun to drill into the bedrock as yet more departures are announced and the confusion reigns supreme as to what the Association stands for, or if it even stands at all anymore.

The most recent Director, interim as he was, Ian Penny has stepped aside, citing a constructive firing as the cause for his disappearance, that and some interesting comments about the input of Chris Chelios on proceedings of late, offered up more intrigue in what has been a truly bizarre implosion of a bargaining unit in decades.

With Penny now apparently gone (and perhaps ready for his large lump sum payment, joining the throng of other EA candidates of late) there doesn't seem to be anyone on the bridge of this particular Titanic.

The Review committee consisting of Chris Chelios, Rob Blake, Nicklas Lidstrom and Mark Recchi have apparently issued a number of recommendations, none of which have sat well with the remaining board members, who have followed Penny out the doors.

For now it seems that the day to day machinations of the NHLPA will rest in the hands of long time association lawyers Mike Ouellet and Roland Lee, who will try to keep the place from listing any further.

Unless the association can pull itself away from the brink of disaster quickly (if they haven't perhaps already gone over the edge), the most constructive thing that the two long time servants of the NHLP might be able to offer up is a list of who will be the last person out the door to turn off the lights.

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