Sunday, November 22, 2009

It seemed like a good idea at the time

Scott Niedermayer who clearly understands the PR value of a kind gesture, tried his best to make a little girls night at a recent Ducks game.

Named as the first star of the game for his efforts in scoring the winning goal over Tampa, Niedermayer skated over to the side of the rink and tossed his stick over the glass towards a young fan.

The only problem was some bozo nearby apparently thought he was at a Raiders game or something, snatching the stick in mid flight. It was an interception that wasn't well received by some other members of the crowd and what amounted to a pier six brawl was soon underway.

Niedermayer tried to redirect the stick and the emotions of the moment in a rink side interview, no word on whether the girl eventually reclaimed her present and if Santa now has candidate number one on the naughty list for this year

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