Sunday, November 29, 2009

A dream connection takes to the ice

A pretty impressive combination took to the ice this week as Markus Naslund and Peter Forsberg combined to bring success for the home side. However, don't go looking for the summaries on the NHL's website.

The Naslund to Forsberg connection were taking their talents to the ice for Modo of the Swedish League, helping to propel their hometown team to a 4-1 victory over rival Rogle.

For the two former NHLers, it's a return to those days in minor hockey, the two friends last played for a junior squad out of Modo many years ago and now have returned to the professional team to lend a hand for this season.

Forsberg has been back for seven games so far, his former junior team mate now on board after having been out of hockey since his retirement from the NHL last season. It's hoped that the arrival of two of the most recognized names in Swedish hockey will help to boost attendance for Modo and provide the team with a more secure financial footing.

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