Sunday, November 22, 2009

NHLPA's loss is NCAA's gain

Paul Kelly, the recently displaced head of the NHLPA has bounced back nicely from the unceremonious nature of his departure from the players association.

Kelly was named today to the position of Executive Director of College Hockey Incorporated, a position that will see him try to raise the profile of Division 1 NCAA hockey.

Part of his work will involve spreading the word to US and Canadian born hockey players that the college game in the United States offers much for the young athlete. Offering the American college game as an alternative to the Junior hockey system in Canada.

The main thrust of that approach will be to advise young players of the college option before they sign on with a Junior A team, once they have played a game of Major Junior they will not be eligible to play in the NCAA.

Kelly's new job, which he describes as a welcome challenge, will no doubt help to remove the stain of his association with the rather dysfunctional NHLPA, which removed him earlier this season in a most public, yet at the same time secretive way.

While Kelly has moved on, no doubt to what he believes will be a better situation, his former employer continues to wallow along without a leader, not having yet come to terms with the flurry of confusing decisions which have left their organization in a most chaotic state.
The announcement of Mr. Kelly's new position is set to be made on Tuesday.

Boston Globe-- New college initiative is ready to put Kelly at the head of the class
Globe and Mail-- Kelly takes role with NCAA Former PA Head Kelly accepts position with College Hockey Inc.

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