Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Gretzky Golden Jubilee

Wednesday marked the 50th birthday of Wayne Gretzky, an anniversary that has been greeted across the Dominion as an event of commemoration and observation of all that he brought to his sphere and still seemingly dominates in his retirement.

From radio talk shows, to television commemorations to newspaper articles, the day was  awash in remembrances of the pivotal moments in his hockey career, the ups and a few of the downs (the downs of course dependent on where you were living we guess) that marked his time on the hockey stage.

The pageantry at times seemed a little overblown, the hyperbole on boil on occasion, but in a league that is still seeking out the next great dominant player (and there are a few that are close to that level in the current era) the template for the best that ever played is still marked by only a few, and Gretzky for sure was and is one of them.

The remembrances of course highlighted his many achievements during his reign in the NHL and more than a few addressed his current semi exile from the game, a situation that should be addressed by the NHL powers that be sooner rather than later.

While he may have put some distance between himself and the league he once dominated, the passion for what he achieved and the memories of those that watched seems to still be in full bloom.

While we're quite sure we've missed more than a few of the remembrances, below is a selection of some of the items that caught our eye as the day progressed.

In celebration of the fifty candles on the cake, we offer up fifty stories on the Great One.


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Toronto Sun-- NHL should give Gretzky an $8M birthday gift
Toronto Sun-- The Great One turns 50
CBC-- Two of my favourite Wayne stories
CBC-- Gretzky's humility matched his greatness
CBC-- From child star to hockey elder in the blink of an eye
TSN-- What it is the Ultimate measure of Gretzky
TSN-- Gretzky talks about turning 50 and his thoughts on the game
The Hockey News-- Top 10 Wayne Gretzky achievements
Yahoo Sports-- On 50th birthday, Puck Daddy's 50 reasons we love Wayne Gretzky
Canadian Business-- Wayne Gretzky's brand remains strong more than a decade after retiring
City News-- Walter looks back at Son Wayne's Legacy
The Chronicle Herald-- The Great One nears milestone 50th
570 News-- Great One puts family before anything else
Sportsnet-- A witness to Greatness


Sports Illustrated-- Gretzky at 50: A look back at one of a kind
Sports Illustrated-- Behind Gretzky's NHL estrangement
CBS Sports-- Great one is golden
Los Angeles Times-- Gretzky celebrates his 50th, while media celebrates Gretzky
Los Angeles Times-- For Wayne Gretzky, the big 5-0 sneaked up on him
New York Post-- Gretzky turning 50- and feeling forever young
MSNBC-- Wayne Gretzky turns 50 today – How the Great One and 50 go hand in hand
MSNBC-- Gretzky 30 for 30 documentary ‘King’s Ransom’ will kick off NHL Network’s Film Week
San Francisco Chronicle-- Wayne Gretzky turns 50
ESPN-- The Great One at 50: Wayne Gretzky reflects on career, future in NHL
USA Today-- Gretzky at 50: Superstar's maturity matched skill
Sportsperspectives--  Wayne Gretzky turns 50
Corpus Christi Caller-- The Great One at 50
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Sporting News-- Gretzky at 50
Business Insider-- Wayne Gretzky turns 50 on Wednesday, here are 99 of his greatest accomplishments
Bleacher Report-- Wayne Gretzky: Great One Reflects On Hockey Career and Life As Gretzky Turns 50

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