Friday, June 10, 2011

Canucks seek to change their history with Game 5

Fans of the Vancouver Canucks can recite with passion their past glances at Lord Stanley's Cup, from their earliest quest against a much superior New York Islander team to the seven game showdown with the Rangers, which for the sake of a different bounce or two would have brought a parade to the West coast.

So, with the Canucks returning from Boston with a good portion of deflated hubris as baggage, the time to get back to what took them through the season is at hand.

There is obviously no room for error anymore, that was used up in games three and four, this Stanley Cup final is now a best of three tournament, as they say a brand new series, but one that suddenly casts the Bruins as the team in a more confident spot.

The Vancouver papers have been fixing their gaze and prose on what the Province calls a watershed in Canucks history, a healthy boost for the province's pulp and paper industry and perhaps providing a spike in appointments with Psychologists across the province.

Canuck fans have been living and on many nights dying with their team for forty years now, this season as it progressed gave every indication that it was perhaps finally "the year", where the ghosts of the past were put to rest for good.

For some, that faith has been shaken after the eastern excursion, making game 5 and whatever comes after it a little more nerve wracking than originally anticipated.

There's not much that they can do now but to sit back and hope for the best, hopeful, that history isn't about to replay itself, anxious for the home side to prevail against obstacles of their own creation.

There's a video making the rounds on You Tube that celebrates this current run for the Cup, while looking back at the past,  for Canuck fans it sums up 40 years in less than a minute and a half.

Which judging by the growing unease in Canuckland of late, may be about as much drama as a Canuck fan can take at one sitting.

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