Friday, June 24, 2011

A little cleaning, a little renovating in Philly

The Flyers stole the pre NHL draft thunder on Thursday, as Paul Holmgren took on the title of Grand Trademaster P, sending players west coast and Midwest and bringing in what he hopes will be the final answer to the never ending woes on the Flyers goal line.

In moves that seemingly will change a good portion of the leadership group of the boys from Philly, Holmgren sent captain Mike Richards off to California, taking Brayden Schenn and Wayne Simmonds from the Kings.

Holmgren also gained some potential for 2012 with a second round draft pick as part of that deal.

But the trader wasn't finished yet.  Jeff Carter was next on the movements list, sent to Columbus in exchange for a second round draft pick in today's NHL draft,  as well as prospect Jakub Voracek and a third round pick.

Much has been made of the change in chemistry that was created with one or two fell calls on the long distance bill, moves that have left some surprised if not shocked, while others herald it as a necessary change for a team that has underperformed when it was required most,  in the playoffs in the last two seasons.

No doubt a fair bit will be made about rumblings that the captain Richards had too many issues with Flyers rear guard Chris Pronger, a situation that seems to have been resolved in Pronger's favour with the decisions of Thursday.

More than a few are suggesting that Pronger will be the one to sew on the C when training camp begins later this summer.

To cap a rather busy day,  Holmgren brought into Philadelphia yet another last line of defence in the nets, with the release that he had acquired the rights to Ilya Bryzgalov  signing him to a nine year deal to wear Orange and Black for 2011-12 and beyond.

Bryzgalov, becomes the latest of top class goaltenders that will be expected to carry a heavy load and avoid the now quite dramatic collapses in the net that the last few years have brought.

Philly has kind of become a goaltenders graveyard over the last few years, where players arrive with great anticipation only to leave shell shocked and vilified by the faithful of Broad Street.

Where Brygalov will fit into the legendary ranks remains to be seen, but he may have a better chance of success if Holmgren's moves of Thursday and what may come over the summer translate into a successful offence and steady defence, otherwise, we would imagine that even Georges Vezina himself wouldn't have much success in Flyers colours.

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