Saturday, June 18, 2011

Everyone loves a parade...

Boston celebrates its Stanley Cup Championship, an estimated 1 million fans lining the streets of the city to salute the Bruins and share in the joy of their Game 7 victory of Wednesday night.

Travelling through the city in the Duck Boats made famous by the Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics, the Bruins climbed aboard at 11 am Boston time for the journey, joining the city's other pro franchises in a Championship drive, part of what has become a Boston tradition, known as the Rolling Rally.

It's the first time that the Bruins have been able to celebrate a championship with their fans in 39 years and judging by the size of the crowd and the enthusiasm for their Bruins it's been a long anticipated day that has finally arrived.

The parade was anticipated to last until at least 1 pm, passing by crowds that at some points were said to be lined up to 60 rows deep, many have lined up in the early hour morning hours to secure their best vantage point.

Live feeds of the parade can be found from any number of Boston sources, CBS Boston, FOX Boston, ABC and NBC, for those that missed the live webcasts of the parade, we imagine that the highlights will be archived for Bruins fans to relive their day of happiness.

We'll post some of the after parade comments from Boston, but for now, we're going to watch a parade!

Somebody has some sore feet tonight we bet!

Well that was indeed a pretty amazing scene, the Bruins in their Duck boats had a look of awe as they looked out at the crowds of people that lined the streets along the parade route.

It was a very well organized and well received celebration of the Bruins success and the organizers should be commended for their efforts.

One thing we didn't find particularly enjoyable however was some of the running commentary of the Boston TV stations. As we picked up the flow from the various live feeds available, a rather smug, condescending bit of Vancouver bashing took place, offering up the theme that Boston seemingly knows how to behave in public, where Vancouver didn't.

It was an unwanted intrusion into what was for the most part a pretty feel good kind of day and while we don't want to rain on the Bruins parade, we can't help but remember that Boston has had it's own share of idiots that have tarnished that cities reputation in the past, exhibit A, exhibit B and exhibit C.

Memories it seem are rather short at some of Boston's largest media operations.

We won't dwell on it, but a bit of balance to the reporting might go a long way, something that seemingly isn't among some of the key course outlines in journalism school these days.

As we pointed out earlier this week on the blog, the us against them phony war that apparently was hoisted upon us by some members of the media in both cities, is something we could have done without.

Even in victory it seems, some folks can't let it go and wanted to get in one last, unfair shot.

It's too bad, as it diminished a bit, what seemed like a remarkable day.  The parade was great, the people of Boston did show that large crowds can gather in a peaceful manner and celebrate a sport, good on them for that today, it was a refreshing thing to see and a welcome one.

From the looks on the faces of the kids that lined that parade route today, there probably will be a good number of future hockey stars coming our way from New England in the future.  As they waved and hollered to their favourite Bruins up high, they no doubt had dreams of climbing aboard a Duck Boat in their own parade as well.

And that is the kind of passion that hockey should be all about.

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