Thursday, June 09, 2011

From the meandering mind of Mike Milbury

Mount Milbury erupted again this week, as commentator Mike Milbury provided yet another stellar observation for the folks at Versus (an organization not seemingly inclined to grab resumes from  Mensa we imagine, judging from the comments of late of Mr. Milbury and his echo chamber compatriot Pierre McGuire).

Milbury, who is perhaps the one man on earth that can make Don Cherry sound erudite and deserving of a Rhodes Scholarship, weighed in with his observations on the skills and competitiveness of Vancouver's Daniel and Henrik Sedin.

Going to some length to draw a comparison to the main characters of the movie Thelma and Louise, a rather strange bit of analogy that speaks we think, more to Milbury than it does to the players in question.

Not that anyone takes what Mike Milbury has to say seriously anymore anyways, considering his considerable skills at player evaluation, one would take his guidance on player personnel issues with a keg of salt perhaps.

Ask the folks on Long Island about his hockey acumen, this being a fellow that suggests that the blockbuster trade that involved among others, Zdeno Chara for Alexi Yashin  was a good one (however did all that turn out anyways).

The only qualifying factor for that stellar decision, is that he can point to the fellow in Ottawa (Hello John Muckler) who let Chara get away from the Senators as perhaps someone who would make Milbury the smartest guy in a room of two.

Islander fans who have fond memories of their own possession of Lord Stanley's Mug, of late can only sit back and wonder whatever happened to their proud franchise, the foundation of ineptitude it seems was in part put in place during the Milbury era, where it's safe to say no miracles took place.

We'll leave it to the Canucks back up goaltender Cory Schneider (it must be all the time they have to watch the game that makes goalies so astute) to offer up the defining commentary on the latest  deliberations of Mr. Milbury.

Now it's been a while since we've seen the movie in question that spurred on Mr. Milbury's night at the improv, but perhaps he needs a refresher on the plot line of the movie here, because, if we remember correctly and as you can see for yourself here,  things didn't end up too well for the guy with the big mouth and obnoxious attitude.

Now with that visual in your mind, how do you think the Bruins feel about Motormouth Mike providing the Canucks with a bit of motivation through his never ending fountain of wit and widsom, I'm thinking they're not calling him a genius in the Boston room right now!

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