Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Gary and Don channel Bono

With apologies to all members of U2, they're legion of fans and lovers of music everywhere...

All is quiet on New Years Day
Gary and Don don't have much to say
They will be with us
Be with us Night and Day
Monday night, negotiations adjourned for the day
Now we just wait to see if they'll ever play, On New Years Day...

At any rate, sing along with your own interpretations if you will,  we all do seem to have some spare time on our hands... While you're at it, marvel at Bono's hair stylings from our period piece.

Now that's a near NHL style mullet if ever there were one!

Below some of the reviews of Monday's New Years Eve negotiations and where perhaps they will lead us to in 2013.

Keep you change handy, we suspect that there's a few more tunes on the U2 jukebox to go before the current labour situation becomes a little clearer.

National Post-- League, union tight-lipped on details as talks re-enter the realm of actual negotiation
National Post-- League, union back at negotiating table after three week hiatus
National Post-- Players expected to make counter-offer during Monday meeting with league
National Post-- Don Cherry worried union will push league to brink in labour dispute
CBC-- NHL owners, players continue talks on New Year's Day
CBC-- NHL, Union break off talks for the day with no deal
CBC-- NHLPA set to make crucial next move
Canada.com-- Back on track as year closes: NHLPA files counter-proposal to NHL
Canada.com-- Are we there yet? NHL's useless trip
Toronto Star-- Reason for hope amid New Year's Eve hoopla
Toronto Star-- League mulls NHLPA counter-offer talks likely to resume Tuesday
Toronto Star-- Owners, players set to meet on eve of breakthrough or destruction
Toronto Star-- NHLPA files counter-proposal
New York Post-- Times' come for No Honor League
New York Daily News-- NHL players' union makes counterproposal to NHL on New Year's Eve, league plans to respond on New Year's Day
The Hockey News-- Long day ahead as NHL and union make plans for full day of labour talks in search of deal

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