Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Owners Box 2013

Our Archive of items regarding ownership of NHL franchises, highlighting the moves in the structure of team ownership and items of interest surrounding the NHL's franchises.

March 14-- Board of Governors-- Realignment plan approved by Board of Governors

March 14-- Los Angeles-- Kings, AEG no longer for sale

March 8-- Buffalo Sabres -- Sabres acquire deed to begin construction of $172 million hockey-entertainment complex

March 8-- Board of Governors-- Board of Governors vote next for realignment plan

February 28-- Carolina Hurricanes-- Hurricanes add four to ownership group

February 26-- Board of Governors -- NHL proposes realignment, new playoff format

February 18 -- Los Angeles -- Former Kings owner Jerry Buss dies at 80

February 2-- Phoenix-- A new migration pattern for the Coyote (HockeyNation)

February 1-- Phoenix-- Greg Jamison misses deadline to buy Coyotes

January 31-- Phoenix-- Jamison faces deadline in bid to buy Coyotes

January 31-- Edmonton-- An arena deal to change more than the fortunes of a hockey team (HockeyNation)

January 23-- Edmonton-- Edmonton City council approves new arena deal

January 15-- San Jose-- Original Sharks owner George Gund III dies

January 9-- Board of Governors-- Board of Governors ratifies terms of new CBA

January 9-- Board of Governors-- Statement from Jeremy Jacobs, Boston Bruins owner and Chairman of the NHL Board of Governors

January 3-- New Jersey-- Vanderbeek gains sole ownership of Devils


October 27-- New York Islanders -- Islanders Make a Commute (HockeyNation)

September 29-- Edmonton Oilers -- Burning multiple bridges with Daryl Katz (HockeyNation)


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