Monday, January 28, 2013

Roots is rooting for a Nordiques return

We won't place too much prognostication possibilities on the current offerings of the Roots brand of clothing, but should the NHL return to the Quebec capital, then the Canadian clothing chain will clearly be ahead on the fashion curve.

A province that is renowned for its fashion sense, has a fascinating line available for the folks in Ville de Quebec, a line that could serve to stoke the rivalry with that other city down the river.

In their current advertising campaign, Roots has launched a line of hockey themed clothing, celebrating the return of hockey (and perhaps helping to move all that product that perhaps sat on shelves during the lock out period).

There's the usual array of Maple Leaf, Canadien, Senator, Jets, Flames, Oilers and Canucks material there for the purchase, from jackets to caps, shirts and scarves.

And for the hopeful of a seventh NHL franchise, there's a selection of Nordique themed items, ready to celebrate what seems like possibly the most sensible decision that the NHL could make coming out of the lockout drama.

The momentum continues to build to bring Quebec City back into the NHL collective and there are perhaps more than few potential franchises in southern outposts of the league that may be of interest to the folks at Quebecor who at the moment seem the favourite to bring hockey back.

Though as outlined above, the NHL being the ATM that owners seem to try to make it into from time to time, may instead go the route of expansion. Something that seems rather foolish considering the issues of recent years in some locales, but never underestimate the ability to try to make as much money as possible, when it comes to the folks around the board table.

Regardless of the road north,  whether through an established team or an expansion version, should they prove successful, the folks in Quebec will be more than dressed for success.

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