Monday, January 14, 2013

Pucks Drop and TV screens come to life January 19

While hockey fans may still be a tad annoyed that they were held hostage for four months or so, we imagine for the majority the resumption of the NHL day to day will be a welcome thing come Saturday.

And for those fans who frequently are heard to say that the regular season of the NHL is too damn long anyways, 2013 may offer up the tempting concept of a short jog for the lengthy playoff runs.

Training camps, such as they are, have opened, the GM's (those that kept their jobs anyways) are busy looking to fill voids, weighing options, calculating cap space and scouting out roster wire  movements to see what may fit where.

There may yet be a mad dash of player moves heading into Saturday's puck drop, with more than fair amount of drama and discussion to come as to which team comes out of the lockout in the best position to capture Lord Stanley's Cup.

With hockey back on the ice as of Saturday, television networks are busy handing out their broadcast assignments, sending play by play, colour and technical personnel to the far reaches of Gary Bettman's fiefdom, eager to share word of this game of hockey upon its return.

Canada's usual Saturday night appointment kicks off with a triple header, as Hockey Night in Canada launches season number 60, no doubt in the nick of time for the accountants at the CBC who probably had a scorched earth financial forecast prepared had the madness continued much longer.

TSN as well is ready to roll, with hockey on tap to carry the network through the late winter and into the spring and God help us, maybe towards the summer solstice as well..

Sportsnet will not be left outside in a snowbank, their regional schedule offers up no shortage of hockey to follow for fans of all of Canada's NHL teams.

And much to relief of Gary Bettman, the NHLonNBC and the NBC Sportsnetwork will finally get to highlight their comprehensive hockey package.

Having been denied the showcase of the Winter Classic and the All Star Game this season, they will no doubt be hoping for some great rivalry games to help fill in the gaps between episodes of Poker after dark, The Dakar Rally and American Outdoors and all those other programs that fill the broadcast day.

The full NHL schedule can be found from the NHL website here.

Folow your favourite team from here.

The network offerings can be found below:

CBC's Hockey Night in Canada



Maple Leafs

NBC Sportsnet and NHL on NBC

NHL Network Canada

NHL Network USA

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