Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The Deadline Headlines, take one, take two, take three...

With some of the higher profile of NHLer's already having changed jerseys, the Canadian sports channels with their investment into the culture of Trading Deadline Day might be getting a little nervous about how they're going to fill all that time on Wednesday.

The Jarome Iginla trade of last week took one of the marquee names off the billboard for Wednesday's deadline and while we still have the Roberto Luongo watch, Mike Gillis has delayed this so long now,  that Strombone may be tweeting from Van City through til the 2013 Amateur draft.

The Trading Deadline for a bit was morphing into the Countdown to Ryan Clowe,  wait this just in... New York, he's off to New York.

On to the next name...  and on it shall go, Kiprusoff, Khabibulin, pick a K any K...

Whether we have lots of trades to talk about, or the assembled GM panels, hockey experts and other hangers on spend the morning and afternoon recounting the great tales of years gone by remains to be seen.

Regardless, they air time is blocked off, the guests have been booked, the cel phones are charged and the twitter feeds will soon be tweeting.

Deadline Day is but a few hours away, unleash the hounds...

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