Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lindy lands in Dallas

There's going to be a garage sale in Buffalo sometime this summer, up for grabs we imagine, winter jackets, toboggans and snow shovels or snow throwers, where the Ruff family is going, snow is going to be for the most part a rumour.

The long time Buffalo Sabre, who was turned into a free agent coach earlier this year when dismissed by the Sabres has landed a new position, signing up with Jim Nill to rebuild the Dallas Stars, a team that Ruff has some memories of. though we imagine he's more than willing to put them far in the past.

Though we imagine, now that he's on the Stars payroll, he's more than willing to put that talking point far in the past, indicating as much at his introduction to Dallas press conference of Friday.

The Stars had been actively seeking a few options for their open head coach position, rumoured to be in discussions with Alain Vigneault, they moved on along the coaching depth chart, when Vigneault was tempted by the Bright lights of Broadway. 

As the coaching discussions continued through the week, the Stars turned to Ruff to take up the challenge of a team that once was a regular playoff fixture, but of late has struggled to regroup.

If indeed Ruff was a plan B, for the Stars plan B is looking pretty good this morning.

Ruff who was fixture with the Sabres through his career, guided the Sabres as head coach for fifteen years beyond his playing days.

He was an iconic Buffalo resident, one of the most recognizable faces of the franchise, his departure the subject of much discussion earlier this year. As controversial a decision as the Sabres have made in many a year, one which may yet prove to resonate across Western New York for years to come.

For Ruff, joining the Stars at this point, while no doubt providing for a challenge offers the chance to be part of a rebuilding process that looks to be in pretty good hands.

Jim Nill, who moved over from the Red Wings to be General Manager obviously is steeped in what it takes to build a hockey club that has designs for the long run.

Adding Ruff is an endorsement of the coach's skills and composure, making Nill and Ruff perhaps the  perfect partners in the Stars rebuild.

Ruff's patience with the various scenarios that played out in Buffalo over the years, will serve him well with a team looking to regain it's footing in the NHL's quest for the Stanley Cup.

It may take a few years, but with some wise moves by the GM  and the experience of the coach, the Stars may bring Ruff closer to the goal of a Stanley Cup once again.

The announcement of Lindy Ruff to Dallas, marks the second wise decision by an NHL team in 24 hours, both Ruff and Alain Vigneault, seem like the best choice for the job at hand.

The NHL's coaching carousel only has so many spins, in Dallas and New York it appears that when the music stopped, the right man for the right job hopped off.

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