Saturday, June 01, 2013

Stanley Cup Playoffs Round Three: Boston and Pittsburgh

The Penguins, while having a wee bit of trouble getting in gear in the first round, certainly found their game in round two, providing as Ottawa head coach Paul Maclean put it "a clinic" on how to turn on the pressure when required most.

The early round struggles against the Islanders now long forgotten, the Pens look ahead to a Boston Bruin team, that survived it's own near playoff death experience with the Leafs before kicking their own game up a notch against the Rangers.

Both teams benefited from a week long break, which could make for a sloppy game one as both try to get back some of the intensity it requires for the possible seven game march to a Stanley Cup berth.

Considering the nature of the play of both teams however, we suspect it won't take long for both to get their game on, making for an interesting match up, one of depth on the part of the Penguins and
desperation for the Bruins, who seem to play their best hockey when the odds seem stacked against them.

One thing would seem certain for the Bruins to keep in mind however moving into round three, unlike the Leafs and the Rangers, the Penguins it seems know how to put a team away, falling behind can be fatal to Stanley Cup prospects should it become a common theme through the series.

Boston WINS the series 4 games to 0

Saturday, June 1-- Boston 3 at Pittsburgh 0 ( 18,628 )
Monday, June 3-- Boston 6 at Pittsburgh 1 (18,619)
Wednesday, June 5-- Pittsburgh 1 at Boston 2 (2 OT) ( 17,565
Friday, June 7-- Pittsburgh 0 at Boston 1 (17,565)

All Games on CBC, RDS, NBCSN

Media sources for the series
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Globe and Mail
National Post
Pittsburgh Tribune Review
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
USA Today
Boston Globe
Boston Herald

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