Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Stanley Cup Final

The Path to Stanley started with sixteen teams and now in the final half of June, we are down to two, iconic Original Six franchises and two teams that in the end offer up what may be a most entertaining season finale.

Considering the short span from January to June, we perhaps should not have been so fortunate, a season finale with any number of underlying themes, highlighting two teams that are recent Stanley Cup Champs, both with a hard hitting style of play that promises four and with a little bit of luck seven fast paced and physical games.

The Bruins, who came within ten minutes of disaster and what many believed was a certain rebuild ahead, have regained their form through the second and third series, finding little of concern to them from the New York Rangers and then most effectively dismissing the early season favourites the Pittsburgh Penguins.

So impressive was Boston's domination of the Penguins, that one wonders if the Pens will ever find their game again with their present line up. The Bruins just seemed to get better and better as the playoffs moved forward, utilizing the full team concept to its utmost they are a team that not only depends on each other, but expects full attention to the task ahead.

Chicago is a team along the same lines of the Bruins, a physical team that isn't afraid of the corner play that can make the difference between victory and defeat.

They too struggled at times, the Red Wings series taking them to the limit and sparking a remarkable comeback, much like the Bruins had.

Their showdown with the defending Stanley Cup champs the Kings also offered up the confounding side of Chicago.  At times the Hawks looked as though they were on course for a dominating performance, only to slip into bad habits and surrender those gains, giving their opponents life.

The Hawks finally secured their berth in the Stanley Cup Final, claiming victory in Los Angeles, the finale to the Western Final steeped in the kind of sudden death drama, that was significantly lacking for the Bruins as they eviscerated the Pens.

All of that now however is the past.  The Hawks were the toast of the NHL in this shortened season, a remarkable start that seemed to have them destined for the Stanley Cup, with a few hiccups along the path they finally have arrived at that placement.

The Bruins, who nearly lost it all in the first round, have since morphed into a most formidable opponent, all of which sets up what should be a dandy of a Stanley Cup final.

Click below for more information on a game by game account as the final two seek their chance to hoist Stanley.

Boston and Chicago
CHICAGO WINS the Series 4 games to 2

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