Sunday, March 01, 2015

Minor tweaks, or Major overhauls? The Deadline arrives at dawn as teams look for that one key addition.

With a flurry of late activity into Sunday evening and even early Monday morning, the hosts and panelists at the Sports Networks might be getting a little nervous that Deadline Day may provide for a fair amount of solo oratory over the course of Monday morning into the afternoon.

As TSN, Sportsnet and others prepare their major battle plans for the day ahead, GM's were quietly moving some parts here and there, swinging ten deals over Saturday and into early Monday morning, bringing the total of trades conducted since the start of the season to 45 to this point.

Some of those previous transactions perhaps the big deal for a few of the teams, Winnipeg moving Evander Kane probably ranks among the most widely discussed to this point, the name recognition of Jaromir Jagr heading to Florida more of a interesting aside than a strategic debate.

The Maple Leafs beginning the process of yet another new era has made for a bit of background to the trade rumours of late, injuries as well are providing for some focus, as teams like Chicago seek to keep their momentum heading in the right direction despite the hospital reports.

Then there are the teams that are on the cusp of the Wild Card spots or battling it out in a tough division race, one or two additions could make the difference between finishing out of the Stanley Cup playoffs and making May and June hockey months in their hometowns.

Through Monday morning the deals will percolate, some will come to pass, others will fade as quickly as they were cooked up, a small detail or change of dynamic making the original draft no longer a blue print for playoff success.

As the networks, GM's and players settle in for the Deadline Day decisions, we'll return to our live blogging approach to the day's events, keeping an eye on the developments, highlighting the one's that may change the future for a team and giving the ole What the hell, to some of the others that may leave us scratching our heads.

You can catch up on the deals as Monday Morning dawns from our Archive page, which we will update through the day, as we post our notes to the blog all the way to the final buzzer.

Our Hour by Hour Archives can be found below as Deadline Day moves forward.

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