Monday, March 02, 2015

Trade Deadline: Segment Four .... Someone other than Bob Hartley pick up a phone...

1 PM - 2 PM ET
10 AM- 11 AM PT

The fascination with Bob Hartley's cel phone so far has made for much of the Deadline day coverage, as both of the large Canadian sports networks try to divine his intentions through his conversations during the Flames practice.

On more tangible items, the move in the last hour that saw the Hawks and Sharks swing a deal gets a bit more of a review, with Sportsnet discussing some of the issues that currently are haunting the Sharks as they try to stem their slide out of the playoff race.

1:05 PM/10:05 AM

The Red Wings add more depth on the blue line as the Devils send Marek Zidlicky to Detroit, Zidlicky seemingly waiving the no trade provisions of his contract. A third round conditional pick is destined to head the way of the Devils ( NHL Trade Alert )

The move by Detroit seems to bring to an end any speculation that the Red Wings are going to make a move to acquire Dion Phaneuf, which makes for a bit of discussion on sportsnet.  TSN weighs in with the theme that its a solid move by the Red Wings, with Craig Button calling it a security  move on the part of Detroit.

1:20 PM/10:20 AM

San Jose continues to shift some of their moving parts sending Tyler Kennedy to the New York Islanders. The Sharks gain a conditional pick in the 2016 draft in exchange ( NHL Trade Alert )

TSN was the first to deliver news of the San Jose - Islanders deal, something they've been pretty solid at through the day.  They then move back to the cel phone workings of Dennis Wideman, as they review how he and the Flames had a little fun with the Television mania that has become deadline day.  For the record, for the moment, Wideman confirmed that he had not been traded by the Flames.

Animation domination breaks out at TSN, as they review their Hockey Panel super heroes and their super powers, showcasing that there is a future for animation/multi media students at community colleges and universities across the nation.

Following the animation review, came an animate discussion as each of the TSN team in the spotlight reviewed their special talents.

Turning back to the hockey review, TSN heads back out to their correspondents at the Canadian camps/

1:33 PM10:33 AM

Pittsburgh and St. Louis exchange a pair of players, with Ian Cole heading to Pittsburgh, in exchange for Robert Bortuzzo and a seventh round pickNHL Trade Alert )

Sportsnet finally gets the jump on TSN with the Penguins/Blues deal, offering up a bit of insight into that deal

1:38 PM/10:38

San Jose makes another roster shift, sending Freddie Hamilton to the Colorado Avalanche in exchange for Karl Stollery ( NHL Trade Alert )


A pause for a moment if you will for Chad Johnson, who woke up this morning as part of the New York Islanders roster, the prospect of a Stanley Cup run no doubt high among his thoughts. Banish those thought Chad, banish them, you're off to purgatory as the Sabres and Islanders swing a deal. New York picks up Michal Neuvirth to add some depth to their goaltending plans heading towards the playoffs. The Sabres also receive a 3rd round pick in the deal ( NHL Trade Alert )

The moves out of Buffalo lead to some discussion on just how hard they now plan to position themselves in the Connor McDavid sweepstakes. With a quick turn around, the TSN team offers up a look at what the Sabres have done so far and compared their moves with some recent memories of tanking in the past.

Sportsnet offers up the revelation that Neuvirth didn't learn of his trade by way of watching Trade coverage on television.

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