Monday, March 02, 2015

Trade Deadline: Segment Two: Folks are waking up (well in the West)

10 AM ET- Noon
7 AM PT - 9 AM PT

For those that missed their early morning wake up call the workload was light in the first two hours, with only one trade up for discussion from the assembled media panels and prognosticators.

Our second segment gets underway with TSN bringing out their Reporters panel, as Dave Hodge, Bruce Arthur, Michael Farber and Steve Simmons discuss whether the Nashville Predators will be making any moves. The consensus is that they are Stanley Cup favourites and that holding to their roster is probably the most sensible move at this time.

Sportsnet is reviewing the Montreal Edmonton deal, highlighting some of the benefits that Jeff Petry will be brining to the Canadiens blue line.

TSN starts touring some of the locations that have picked up players over the weekend, with Washington getting attention from its work of the last 24 hours.

Sportsnet is hosting a panel discussion on how players are impacted by the trade deadline dramatic, with former players Nick Kypreos, Mike Johnson and Kelly Hrudey looking back at their memories of deadline time.

TSN has an update out of Toronto, with Dave Nonis apparently advising that unlike past years, he will not be available for interviews during the deadline process, which leads to speculation that the Leafs are cooking up some work ahead.

Sportsnet offers up a review as to when exactly the Trade Deadline became the domain of the TV networks and the madness that descends at this time, offering up a number of the early moments of coverage that set the bar for these marathon sessions of late.  Scott Morrison relives his first arrival in the era of Sports television and how the glare of the TV lights changed the nature of the Deadline Day activities.

They carry that theme on with their panel looking back at where they were when the deadline arrives and the trades start to move forward.

10:45 AM/7:45 AM

TSN was first out of the gate with the second trade of the televised day, as the Montreal Canadiens keep up with their tweaking, picking up Brian Flynn from the Buffalo Sabres for Draft picks. (NHL Trade Alert)

With the news delivered and they await further details, the return to reviewing where the Winnipeg Jets might go on this Deadline Day.

Sportsnet is a little behind the curve on the announcement of the Flynn trade, with a quick mention they return to their look at blockbuster player trades of the past, focusing on the Eric Lindros era and the drama of his selection in the draft by the Nordiques and subsequent trade to Philadelphia.

10:50 AM/7:50 AM

TSN once again gets the jump on a breaking trade, outlining that Zybnek Michalek is moving on to the St. Louis Blues from the Arizona Coyotes.  Michalek however is currently on the injured list, recovering from a concussion, with no timeline of return known yet.  The Coyotes will receive UDC Maxim Letunov in exchange ( NHL Trade Alert )

Sportsnet may have missed out on the first notice of the Michalek trade, but they were first to claim the defenceman for an interview, asking as to his health, but not gaining any further info on his return to the lineup.

TSN is next in line at the Michalek switchboard, going over much the same material with TSN's James Duthie as he had with the Sportsnet team.

For TSN a lot of the focus now is on whether the Coyotes have started up the much anticipated Fire Sale of 2015.

With the Coyote talk out of the way, TSN goes to the phone with a conversation with the Jets GM Kevin Chevaldayoff.

Following their chat with the Jets GM, TSN turns its attention to Edmonton and what direction the Oilers have to go moving forward, suggesting that there is a culture of entitlement there that needs to be addressed.

Sportsnet is discussing the Montreal moves of the early morning, focusing on the thought that perhaps today's plan is leading to a much larger deal to come.

Strombo sets up in a corner of the Sportsnet studio with Wendell Clark and Craig Simpson review their impressions of Draft Day dynamics.

A note for the folks producing these shows, while we know you're familiar with the panelists, guests and other participants, sometimes it helps the audience at home to put some names up on the screen to tweak our aging memories...

With little trade activity taking place, TSN is trolling llama lovers everywhere, with their own version of last week's now famous llama chase.

Sporstnet is chasing down thoughts on whether Connor McDavid could end up a Maple Leaf on Draft Day.

TSN looks to stir up the social media portals, offering up some "helpful" twitter and Instagram suggestions for trending topics.

The Reporters on TSN discuss the legalities of the Leafs/Blue Jackets trade of February 26th, and whether it was a creative move or a transaction that should have been disallowed.  The consensus is that it was salary dump.

Sportsnet closes off the hour with a discussion with Alan May and Brent Ashton, on the nature of trade day deadlines, the two former players rather familiar with that phone call or knock on the door.

TSN is winding down the hour wondering about whether the Leafs can find a way to move Dion Phaneuf before the 3 PM deadline arrives.

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