Monday, March 02, 2015

Trade Deadline: Segment Three ... Waiting for the deals to drop

Noon - 1 PM
9 - 10 AM

With only five deadline deals to discuss thus far on the Television spectaculars, the moderators and panel members urge us to remain steadfast, with the prospect of much movement they say to come as the deadline hours dwindle down to the 3 PM Eastern deadline.

Montreal making for the most discussion in the launch of this hour, with a pair of moves for the assembled to review.

Waiver moves from the NHL teams is taking up some of the slack, though for the most part there isn't a lot of drama to be found from reassigning players to and fro.

Sportsnet reviews the prospect deals for the Winnipeg Jets, while TSN is advising us that Bob Hartley gets very good cel phone reception at the rink as the Calgary coach is reportedly carrying around his cel phone during the Flames practice this morning.

Erik Cole is offering up some of his thoughts on the prospect of joining the Detroit Red Wings, his deal one of the Sunday movements that signalled some of Detroit's inclinations at deadline time.

A panel discussion on the moves of the Red Wings highlights how the team always seems to find the players that they need, when the need them. Leading to some speculation that they may make a move for Dion Phaneuf, but at the moment the Leafs ask is a little high.

Damien Cox reviews his notes on why the Buffalo Sabres haven't moved  Chris Stewart as of yet, suggesting that cost for impact is key.  He also looks at the St. Louis move to pick up Zbynek Michalek, which would make their acquisition a solid choice should he return to play.

TSN launches its review of where the Vancouver Canucks may be on deadline day. Sportnset for their part takes a peek into the Canucks War Room, as the Vancouver brass discuss their plans for the day.

Farhan Lalji offers up some observation on whether the Canucks will be buyers or sellers, the panel for their part concentrate on what moves Vancouver may make in the nets, something that seems to be a constant theme whenever a discussion on Canucks hockey comes up.

The panel however make note of the change in culture in Vancouver this year and how players not only want to stay in the city, but the prospect of attracting others to the team is in a much better spot than last year.

They break away from the Canuck discussion, to return with their fascination on Bob Hartley and his cel phone conversations from practice.

The Maple Leafs are the topic of note over on Sportsnet, as they review the spiral downwards of the Leafs season and where it all leaves Dion Phaneuf as the deadline clock continues to tick.

Back on the cel phone front, it appears that the Flames Dennis Wideman is having some fun at the expense of the sharp eyed cel phone watchers, speaking on a phone of his own to add to the fascination/mystery with the Flames practice.

Sportsnet delivers their version of the Anaheim Trade Tree, tracing the evolution of a number of moves in recent years that delivered Ryan Kessler to the Ducks.

They then shift their focus to Ottawa and a look at what moves the Senators may make as they try to grab a playoff spot down the stretch.  Cap space seems to be the main issue of note for Ottawa on deadline day.

TSN's review of things in San Jose turns into a larger discussion on how to treat goaltenders, Ron Wilson recounts his days in Toronto and if you're Justin Pogge you're turning the sound down on your television at this point.

Sportnset heads out to San Jose as well, but not to talk about the Sharks or goaltenders, but rather to explore some of the moves made by Montreal, the Habs are in San Jose for a game with the Sharks.

TSN is back with the Reporters, giving Thumbs up to the New York Islanders and Garth Snow's moves to rebuild the Islanders this season.  David Poile's work in Nashville is also getting the accolades from the Reporters panel.

12:50 PM/ 9:50 AM

Chicago and San Jose work out the mechanics of a deal as Andrew Desjardins heads for Chicago with the Sharks picking up Ben Smith from the Hawks ( NHL Trade Alert )

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