Monday, February 29, 2016

Trade Deadline Day 2016 -- Segment One -- The Early Hours

8 AM - 10 AM ET
5 AM - 7 AM PT

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Gather round children and ye shall soon hear, if you're favourite player is waiting with fear.
The phone it may ring and soon shall be dispatched, a player or two that some say is a catch.
Playoff dreams will live on, or maybe they'll die ...
With six hours of trade mayhem to be your post season guide

Once again this year, NHL GM's did their best to make sure that the hosts of your favourite Trade Deadline Show would have to dig deep into their research notes for filler material, with a flurry of trades on Saturday and Sunday.

You can review all of the trade developments of the last forty eight hours and those of the past months from our Trading Post feature here.

For the most part, the first two hours were consumed by discussion of the shifts in rosters from the Weekend, with some attention provided to the question of whether the Canadian teams, with the playoffs a fading prospect at this point,  

6:31 AM PT / 9:31 AM ET
The two networks were quick to jump on the move between Phoenix and Pittsburgh, in an all P trade, with the Coyotes picking up Sergei Plotnikov from Pittsburgh, in exchange for Matthias Plachta and a Seventh Round pick.
( NHL Trade Alert)

TSN's reporters panel reviews the work of the Chicago Blackhawks prior to today, the consensus being that the Hawks have made some solid shifts heading towards the playoffs, the dissenting opinion comes from Bruce Arthur who suggests there is work to be done still on the blue line.

The best that TSN can do to bring the first few hours to an end is to announce the internal roster manoeuvres from the Toronto Maple Leafs, who shifted the locker stall nameplates between the Marlies dressing room at the Ricoh Centre and the Air Canada Centre.

The minor deal was the only transaction of the early hours of Deadline day.

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