Monday, February 29, 2016

Trade Deadline Day -- Segment Five

2 PM to 3 PM ET
11 AM to NOON PT

The Trading Post Archive 

Into the final hour of the Trading Deadline we go, with the instant messages flashing across panelists phones, though few it seem are delivering final announcements on the blockbuster like trade that will make all the filler material of the day so far worth the wait ...

Sportsnet notes that they're going to need a late game rally to try and match previous years results, then turns to a look at the situation in Ottawa, with a focus on the announcement that the Sens are shutting down Kyle Turris to recover from his leg injury.

TSN reviews the growing trend of no trade contracts and how it shifts the nature of trade deadline day.

11:20 AM / 2:20 PM PT
The Anaheim Ducks pick up Brandon Pirri from the Florida Panthers, sending a 6th Round pick to Florida in exchange.
(NHL Trade Alert)

Sportsnet continues to learn the ways of Mess, as Mark Messier recounts how he would welcome players that were traded to his teams during his career.  TSN is reviewing the Pirri deal between the Ducks and Panthers.

The final half hour provides for a recap of the trading information on the day so far, which doesn't take for time out of the programming planning.

TSN does check in with Jennifer Hedger to make sure that she a) recovered from the horrid T shirt gun ambush and b) does not have a lawyer on hand to counsel on workplace threat concerns ...

Sportsnet has tracked down Eric Gelinas to see what he thinks of his new destination of Colorado. Then in a quick pivot, tries their best to get Pierre Parenteau traded away by the Toronto Maple Leafs.

With the clock winding its way to the finish line, TSN and Sportsnet put their finishing thoughts together on one of the slowest days in recent Trade Deadline experiences.

Though we are cautioned that some trades may still be in the pipeline and would be released as the post deadline hour plays out.

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