Monday, February 29, 2016

Trade Deadline Day -- Segment Three

Noon to 1 PM ET
9 AM to 10 AM PT

The Trading Post Archive 

Well into the deadlines shows and we are going very deep into the file footage of potential trade bait and camera shots of game day skates across the NHL, as Deadline Day delivers but one transaction to this point for discussion.

This of course leaves the loquacious hosts and corespondents of the Deadline shows with lots of time to fill, with much of the programming to this point resembling the theory of the old Jerry Seinfeld show, once referenced as a show about nothing ... review your options and insert your favourite TSN or Sportsnet host into the appropriate Seinfeld roles now to help fill some time ...

Sportsnet turns its attention to the Montreal Canadiens and a look at their prospects, probably not something that Habs fans are particularly familiar with and most likely a topic that most aren't very happy at having to discuss these days.

From Montreal the Sportsnet team heads across the nation stopping off in Vancouver for a review of the Canucks and whether Dan Hamhius will waive his no trade clause.

TSN's hosts and panel participants point to past years when things have gone slow, with what appears to be some wishing upon a star or two to deliver some movement before the deadline clock runs down.

Sportsnet turns to style icon Brian Burke (his work with ties could become a fashion trend) to offer some thoughts on where the Flames might be directing their attention through these final hours. Burke notes that some of their larger concerns may be addressed in the off season and not today, something which should it become the theme of the other GM lodge members, will no doubt send the deadline show researchers digging deep into file footage looking to find something, anything to fill up the next two and half hours.

TSN turns to the mechanics of a trade, what moving parts GMs might consider to put a deal together.

Over on Sportsnet, it's the greatest trades that never happened, which seems but one step removed from the panel just picking names out of a hat and reassigning them to other cities.

As we walk down memory lane at Sportsnet, Glen Healey shares some memories of his time in the backwoods of Ireland and how he learned of his trade to the Islanders, while Doug MacLean reviews some of the near misses and could have beens from his GM days.

TSN's Reporters Panel looks at a few of the more recent transactions prior to Deadline Day and which one may have the best impact for the teams involved.

Things take a dark turn at TSN, as the panel begin to fire off a T shirt cannon at staff members off camera, Jennifer Hedger redefines the concept of "taking one for the team" ... and to commercial ...

Sportsnet choses not to risk the possibility of labour code violations or assault charges, though the visual of a giant Nick Kypreos on the Big, Big Screen is a visual that is hard to banish from the memory circuits.

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