Monday, February 29, 2016

Trade Deadline Day 2016 -- Segment Two:

10 AM - Noon ET
7 AM - 9 AM PT

The Trading Post Archive 

Slow is the progress of the trading partners, so TSN turns to Mascot races to hold our attention, as a lead in towards the review of what the Ottawa Senators might have in mind on Deadline Day, we get a race of Prime Ministerial Mascots ... visualize that if you will, those who had their money on a Laurier/MacDonald photo finish had a good pay day to start Monday morning off.

TSN grabs a few minutes with GM Bryan Murray, who provides a short review of what the Sens might be looking for or what they approach they'll be taking as the deadline approaches.

The main takeaway from Ottawa in these early hours is that Kyle Turris is going to be put on the shelf to recover from injury, leaving the Sens to look to try to fill that hole as the day moves forward.

TSN fills their minutes with a discussion of what teams should be looking to address as the deadline clock continues to tick forward, while Sportsnet is hosting a panel discussion with some agents on the atmosphere around teams and with their clients.

The TSN Panel returns for a discussion on what the Carolina Hurricanes have been doing and whether they still have ambitions for a wild card spot.  That's followed by a feature on the Winnipeg Jets and their frustrations heading towards the playoffs and how the past continues to chart the path of the team.

Sportsnet calls on George Stroumboulopoulos to learn of the players point of view on deadline day, gaining some insight from Corey Hirsch, from there they shift their focus to the story of Joanathan Drouin, currently sitting out the season away from Tampa Bay  and if he will be moved by Steve Yzerman as the day progresses.

TSN shifts the attention from the trade rumour mongering for the moment, providing some snapshots of NHL Players(as well as a few TSN staffers) and which Hollywood stars they best resemble.

Sportsnet takes a few moments to review the strategies of Stan Bowman in Chicago as the Blackhawks GM remakes his roster while keeping his core in place.

From the overview of the Hawks plans, Sportsnet shifts focus to a review of the trade deadline travels of Antoine Vermette, a player who perhaps more than anyone in the NHL understands the need to have a packed suitcase ready to go at Deadline day.

TSN takes in a press conference with Maple Leafs coach Mike Babcock who outlines why the Leafs have decided to bring up a number of Marlies to the big club this week.

Sportsnet is quick to catch on to the Babcock presser, running their own video on the event a bit later in the hour.

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