Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Dreaming the dreams in the Peg

Well I took a wee bit of heat over my review of the farewell to the Winnipeg arena last week, so I tread into these waters rather carefully.

But the impression from those involved in the weekend's festivities is that with the arrival of the new MTS Centre, there may one day be a chance for Winnipeggers to have a team of their own to cheer on again.

Of course those doing the talking have absolutely no say in the machinations of the NHL and its owners, but if good wishes were investment dollars then Winnipeg would be on a par with the New York Rangers and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Whether it was just the sense of moment or a fanciful wish for good things for good people, the question seems to be more why not Winnipeg rather than why Winnipeg.

And there may be some slight hope for those that still long for the days of the Jets. The current NHL impasse is going to no doubt result in some franchise troubles down the line, the southern offices already lukewarm at best to the game on ice may just lose all interest completely. Leaving the NHL with some serious situations to resolve. With a new economic structure in place and struggling franchises looking for a better option Winnipeg may yet get its return.

Well at least until the folks in the comment boxes below, throw some cold water on their hopes and dreams..

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