Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Lockout update Nov 15-21

Another week and nothing to report
Yet more players pick up a passport
The agents they begin to wonder
If maybe Goodenow may have blundered
Forbes comes out with a giant expose
The NHL counters by calling it fantasy
The newspapers are full of football stories
Of this perhaps the league should worry

20-Nov-04 CBC faces huge hit with no hockey
20-Nov-04 Is the goal a broken union?
20-Nov-04 No Hockey: And the sky didn't fall!
19-Nov-04 Bettman to meet with Owners
19-Nov-04 Leaking agent is decertified
19-Nov-04 Millionaires on holiday
18-Nov-04 Autoworkers call for mediation
18-Nov-04 Is the NHLPA ready to alter its position?
18-Nov-04 JR's two bits
17-Nov-04 16 days to see Europe
17-Nov-04 Collateral damage in the Hockey war
17-Nov-04 Player Agents stay the course
17-Nov-04 Orr takes a pass
17-Nov-04 Bettman staying his course
16-Nov-04 Goodenow trusted by his players
16-Nov-04 Enter the agents

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