Monday, November 29, 2004

Lockout Update Nov 22-Dec 5

The stories they are dwindling quick
Much like the use of a hockey stick
We'll do our best to find some news
But truth be told the links will be few
The clock it's ticking fast and loud
The end of the season is nigh they tell the crowd
Watch this blog for some kind of sign
But for now its thin gruel and rerun time

22-Nov-04 A league that just won't go away
23-Nov-04 Taking the Guerin challenge
24-Nov-04 PAYDAY!
25-Nov-04 ALMO'S Tragically Hip
26-Nov-04 Questions for Goodenow!
27-Nov-04 Where to find some programming?
29-Nov-04 The Honourable Member for Hockey speaks out!
29-Nov-04 Daly says luxury tax still won't work
30-Nov-04 On the brink of elimination
30-Nov-04 New proposal on the way from the NHLPA
30-Nov-04 European paycheques come with a risk!
2-Dec-04 Bettman's the wrong man
3-Dec-04 Owners can end this mess
3-Dec-04 The Player's solution
3-Dec-04 To save a season
3-Dec-04 Players hopeful!
3-Dec-04 Spin Cycle

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