Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Lockout Update Nov 8-14

They still won't talk and stick to their ways
The strike carries on day after day
Even Gretzky stays on the shelf
Keeping his opinions to himself
Gary, Bob won't you at least say hi
Before we find out that the season must die

14-Nov-04 Whatever happened to the NHL?
14-Nov-04 Going down the drain
14-Nov-04 Abscence makes the heart grow fonder?
14-Nov-04 Forget Contraction
13-Nov-04 Who is this man, Goodenow?
12-Nov-04 In search of second opinions
12-Nov-04 Forbes finds NHL Math funny
11-Nov-04 Gretzky: It's up to Bob and Gary
11-Nov-04 Billy Blackhawk sees dark days
11-nov-04 Dr. Stan pronounces a death
10-Nov-04 Le Gros Bill shares his opinion
9-Nov-04 They celebrated and they mourned
9-Nov-04 A call for mediation, or maybe meditation
8-Nov-04 In Bob they trust
8-Nov-04 Stop the Destruction
8-Nov-04 Goodenow's number crunching program

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