Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Lockout Update November 1-7

The third line players show some cracks,
The talks may never get on track,
Gary and Bob they hardly debate,
Off to Europe and take your skates,
Another wasted week has gone right by,
They won't talk, won't even try,
Well chase the stories til the end,
But man oh man, this is driving us around the bend.

7-Nov-04 Linden gets rebuked by Hirsch's wife
7-Nov-04 It's all about greed
7-Nov-04 The Eagle (the original) has his two cents
7-Nov-04 He's making us look bad!
5-Nov-04 Killing the game
5-Nov-04 Legace picks up the torch from Esche
5-Nov-04 I'm sorry, so sorry!
4-Nov-04 Autoworkers go for a skate
4-Nov-04 Deep in the heart of Texas, they want hockey back!
4-nov-04 Player agents doubt they have magic solution
4-Nov-04 A Doctor Phil for the Hockey world
4-Nov-04 Fearful for the Future
3-Nov-04 Grapes sour on any progress
3-Nov-04 Holding their lines
3-Nov-04 Bettman Bashing at the end of the meeting
3-Nov-04 Morally wrong? Legally correct!
3-Nov-04 Lockout pay is on the way!
3-Nov-04 The Price of principle
3-Nov-04 Atlanta's Hockey showcase scrubbed
2-Nov-04 These guys need help

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