Sunday, January 16, 2005

On again, Off again WHA, decidedly off again (for now)

Please let this be the last that HockeyNation must mention the WHA until September. The league that promised to rise from its own ashes late in 2004, has suffered a wee setback.

The fledgling rebirth had been rumoured to be February, but that too has gone by the boards, the newest owner of the title to the league figuring that a fall launch may be a more feasible idea.

Promising at least six teams the "new" WHA will apparently test out Hockey markets such as Greensboro, North Carolina, Omaha, Nebraska and Baltimore, Maryland to name a few of the suggested franchise sites. Often mentioned Canadian cities include Hamilton, Toronto and Vancouver. There is also the potential for the league to move into Dallas and Phoenix, to take advantage of recently vacated NHL caliber rinks.

As usual when it comes to the WHA, they're tall on talk and short on facts. None of the "owners" of the fledgling franchises have been named and it just seems that this is another in the long list of "we're coming to a rink near you" announcements that seem to have become the staple of the league with no teams.

But hey, at least a decision not to have a season this year has been made, which puts the WHA at least a step ahead of the NHL in the reality department!! Now if the WHA promises to stop issuing press releases, we'll promise to stop making fun of them.

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