Monday, January 03, 2005

The pre game show!

With less than 24 hours to go until the big Canada/Russia showdown at the World Junior Hockey Championships, we take a look at all the pre game hype..

January 3, 2005--The avengers
January 3, 2005--The Czechs say Canadian Gold in the mail
January 3, 2005--The Great one is impressed
January 3, 2005--Making plans with Nigel
January 3, 2005--At Team Canada comittment is job 1
January 3, 2005--Hopes riding high
January 3, 2005--Crosby's the real deal
January 3, 2005--Wayne says a few words
January 3, 2005--Sidney's final shot?
January 3, 2005--The Ovechkin watch
January 3, 2005--One more for the Sutter collection!
January 3, 2005--Gunning for Gold!
January 3, 2004--Home Ice Advantage?
January 4, 2005--Tickets, Tickets, who wants tickets!
January 4, 2005--Taking a tour of the rink
January 4, 2005--Reading the signs
January 4, 2005--From the cradle to the gold
January 4, 2005--Some advice from Marc Andre
January 4, 2005--Sidney stays focused
January 4, 2005--Looking at some match ups
January 4, 2005--The last line of defence
January 4, 2005--Finally a real test
January 4, 2005--Thirsting to end the drought
January 4, 2005--Ten years of wishes
January 4, 2005--The scriptwriters dream
January 4, 2005--To break a seven year stretch
January 4, 2005--At the Russian end of the ice
January 4, 2005--A final word

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