Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Will the Jets fly again?

Scott Taylor who now writes for the National Post, after his messy departure from the Winnipeg Free Press, has fleshed out some of those NHL back to Winnipeg rumors past and present for us.

In Monday's Post, Taylor revealed that the "mystery" team that had contacted the City of Winnipeg with hopes of moving into the MTS Centre, was none other than the now Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning. Just think (though it may be painful to do so) Winnipeggers if things had fallen differently, last year's Stanley Cup parade would have wandered right down Portage heading for Main and the temperature wouldn't have been 50 below!

Taylor also whispers to Manitoba hockey fans that there are still two sun belt teams that are making occasional phone calls to civic officials and True North Management at the MTS Centre just to touch base. Panther, Predator, Thrasher or Hurricane pick your rumor, of course the best outcome ( a bit of wishful thinking first floated here on HockeyNation) to provide a certain healing for sure, would be if the Coyotes of Phoenix were to pack up and move back home.

This is return to Winnipeg is becoming a recurring theme as hockey goes through its Armageddon phase. A brand new rink, some dedicated fans and a hockey crazy market. The NHL could do a lot worse, and in fact they have!

Don't get your hopes too high yet Winnipeg, but depending on the landscape of the NHL post war, there may again be a place for you in the NHL!

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