Monday, January 17, 2005

Sidney takes a pass!

First it was Junior sensation Sidney Crosby's sweater that went missing, now its the actual person who will be missing in action! Crosby's Quebec Junior team the Rimouski Oceanic announced today that Crosby, the number one attraction in Junior hockey at the moment, will not take part in Wednesday nights Top Prospects game from Vancouver.

Crosby's junior handlers claim that the Junior phenom is suffering from some sort of a back injury sustained in the World Junior Championships and thus won't be available for the nationally televised Hockey showcase from Vancouver. This despite the fact that he recently completed four of five games for the Oceanic in the Quebec League.

The decision of course is feeding a slew of rumours about the situation, the feeling by some commentators (mainly based in the West see the CKNW audio vault for the 8 am sportscast on Monday for a sample) that Crosby and his agents, handlers and hangers on are using the back problems as a convenient way to avoid the Prospects game. The theory being, that as the number one pick in the upcoming draft (if one actually takes place) Crosby would have everything to lose and nothing to gain by taking part in the extremely competitve game.

Instead the suggestion is that he would be better off taking a pass on the game, preserving his status as the definitive number one choice and all the rewards that it would provide. Such is the state of hockey these days, Junior players are skipping showcase games and off ice commentators are finding conspiracy theories with every breath. And injuries may or may not be what they seem.

My How we long for the days of an actual game to watch!

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