Saturday, January 01, 2005

Waiting by the phone

Mid January is going to be a very important time for Todd Bertuzzi. The Vancouver Canuck forward will be watching the calendar with interest as the first weeks of January go by.

Bertuzzi has appealed to the NHL for a hearing with Gary Bettman to decide if he can now be re-instated to the league. Currently serving an indefinite ban due to his on ice assault on Steve Moore, the feeling in the Bertuzzi camp is that with his recent court appearance and the judicial determination that his debt to society has been accounted for. Providing him with a window of opportunity to return to earning a living in hockey.

Bertuzzi's agent is watching the calendar with interest besides the obvious drop dead date of the current NHL impasse, January 14th also marks the final opportunity for the IIHF to consider his possible entry in the transfer sweepstakes for International play. If the NHL closes up shop in mid January as many expect, there will only be a two week window for NHLers to find gainful employment and collect those valuable Euros. The transfer deadline is January 31st, if Bertuzzi's status is not clear by then, he'll miss out on the opportunity to make some cash on the European league circuit.

The puck is in Gary Bettman's court. Bertuzzi's sitting by the phone, the question is does Gary have his number on speed dial?

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