Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Angst in the Land of the Leaf

An ugly situation with former (or is he still one, never really sure eh) Leaf Owen Nolan, a couple of mis-handled negotiations with Joe Nieuwendyk and Gary Roberts and nary a free agent to show. So far the legacy of John Ferguson Jr. is taking a pounding in Toronto.

The Leafs haven't exactly been hauling in the free falling free agents thus far and more than one faithful Leaf fan is beginning to wonder what their team might look like come September.

Even Worse news for Johnny could come if the ever popular Tie Domi decides he'd like to move on from the city that centers the universe (Canadian edition) . If things keep progressing down this track, Leaf fans may be wishing that the lock out continued on for another year, if only so they wouldn't have to watch the likes of Columbus and Atlanta signing players while their team cools its skates.

Ferguson is sticking to his plan and no doubt feels that things will work out in the long run, in the short term the heat from the media and the fans is going to warm his heels, he'd best hope that it doesn't burn his butt in the long term.

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