Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Defense of the Gold begins in Vancouver

Team Canada began their orientation camp today, a countdown to six months and the Turin Olympics and a shot at another Gold Medal. And as would be expected fans across Canada will watch the developments with keen anticipation.

Wayne Gretzky assembled this Canadian contingent and now turns things over to Head Coach Pat Quinn and his assistants. Quinn wants to take these five days in Vancouver and Kelowna to help his players develop a bit of an esprit de corps. The current batch of Canadian hockey warriors are fully aware of the stakes when they head for Italy.

Canada of course expects Gold every time we approach an international tournament and the Olympics give the nation even more of a fanatical approach to their team. There will be debates in offices, schools pubs and worksites all the way til the opening face off. Each Canadian hockey fan has his or her own ideas on line combos, who should sit and who should skate. For Quinn and Co it's like having 30 million GM's looking over their shoulders at once.

The real GM, Gretzky would like to make his final declarations on a roster sometime in January, that way any playes that have cooled off could be replaced by players performing above the standard on the way to Turin. Til then he'll let Quinn and his associates to put the players through their paces.

Their feedback will go a long way with Gretzky as to who finally gets to pull on the Maple leaf crest in the quest for Gold.

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