Friday, August 05, 2005

An LA kind of guy

JR's taking his show to Hollywood! Jeremy Roenick waved his no trade clause on Thursday and accepted the opportunity to move to California as the trading frenzy of the NHL continued into day number three.

Roenick who must have known his days in Philly were numbered when Peter Forsberg signed on the dotted line, welcomed the opportunity to head to LA and sign up with the Kings. As he put it "I'm an LA kind of guy", possibly in reference to his irreverent style and outspoken comments over the years.

Besides his obvious hockey skills Roenick may give the Kings franchise someone to put out in the public as a larger than life figure. Though he may have to temper his statements regarding fans and parts of his anatomy. His addition will however get people talking hockey in Los Angeles and helps to counter some of the buzz the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim have been generating of late.

One thing is certain, between Burke In Anaheim and JR in LA, game day in Southern California wont' be short of clips anymore.

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